How is it made?

Are you interested in how we make MyShirataki pasta?

Well, in that case you are in the right place!

The procedure itself is quite simple:

  1. First, glucomannan (fiber from the konjac root) “dough” is prepared  in the laboratory . We use lab to ensure sterile conditions during production process.
  2. “Dough” is put aside for about 2 hours. Then it’s kneaded and pressed into desired shapes.
  3. Once the pasta is formed, we let it swell in water for 4-6 hours ( it is soluble fiber, after all).
  4. In the end water is replaced, pasta is packed pack and subsequently sterilized for 45 minutes
  5. And that’s it, the last detail is to stick the labels on packages and MyShirataki pasta is  ready to be delivered to you

And if you are interested in how it looks in our factory, here are the photos:

Shaping  and swelling

dscn0128 dscn0141 dscn0138 dscn0145


20160419_082918  20160419_082544


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