My favorite Chinese

My favorite Chinese
I “invented” this recipe, when I was too lazy to order takeaway & pick it up from a restaurant just across the street.
It’s very easy, fast, low carb & I really like it.
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What we need:
1 broccoli
1 zucchini
1 bell pepper (I used yellow one)
2 onions
2 chicken breasts
50-100 g peanuts
soy sauce
1 package of MyShirataki rice

How to:
1. Put onion wedges in  a frying pan with a bit of an oil and stir for a while, then add chicken breasts cut into cubes & stir till it’s done
2. Add all the vegetable chopped into pieces, soy sauce to taste, peanuts, cover the lid and let braise
3. Take MyShirataki rice pack, pour out the liquid, rinse under water & cook in boiling water for 2 minutes
4. When the mixture in the pan is braised (vegetable’s falling apart, water is evaporating), drain the cooked rice MyShirataki and add to the pan
5. Carefully stir and leave to simmer for about two minutes – MyShirataki rice will  soak up the flavor from meat & vegetable.
6. Remove from the cooker and serve.

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