Cod with shrimp sauce & MyShirataki rice

Inspiration for this dish was a visit to restaurant called Martin’s Place, in Uxbridge, England.

I got there by chance. I was in London on business trip and a friend were somewhere south for the same purpose, at the same time. We agreed to meet for a drink halfway (as meeting a friend  in Brno for a drink, is just terribly mainstream).  That’s how Uxbridge came into play and because you also need to eat, we decided to go for dinner first. Martin’s Place popped up among the first places to eat and had good reviews. Since then, whenever I’m in England (and as I work in London, it is quite often), I go to Martin’s Place at least once.

This is my version of their all time favorite, I just use MyShirataki rice, instead of young potatoes.

We will need:

Cod fillets (or you can use other fish, for example plaice)

For the sauce:

cream or milk (I usually use both)
smoked paprika (you can buy it in every herbs shop)
cooked, peeled frozen cocktail shrimps (or you can use fresh ones of course)
Salt, pepper to taste
spoonful ( or two) of tomato puree
mallet crushed garlic

How to:

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Rinse the fillets, salt them, drizzle with lemon, pepper and place in a greased baking tray.
Cover the tray with aluminum foil
Bake in the oven for 20 minutes
Heat oil in a deep pan
Rinse the shrimp under running water, and place them in the pan along with crushed garlic     clove
Stir for a while, add pinch of smoked paprika and the cream with milk
lower the heat and let braise
Meanwhile open MyShirataki rice, rinse it under running water and place in a pot of boiling water – cook for 2-3 minutes
Taste the sauce and, where appropriate, season with salt, pepper or smoked paprika and remove from the cooker
Take fillets of the oven and divide on plates
Drain MyShirataki rice, add it to the plate and pour sauce over it
Ready to serve

Tip: If the sauce is too thin, we can thicken it with flour or grounded chia seeds

Tip: Mix Shirataki rice with shredded boiled broccoli it taste awesome – especially in connection with fish

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