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Super-fast pasta with meatballs

We’ve been all there.
Posting mouth-watering images on Instagram or Facebook with hastags such as #bio #healthy #fresh #homemade etc., but then more often the we like to admit, there is no time to cook and we end up in  fast food.
Well, this recipe is one of the variations of what to cook when you don’t have time. It’s healthier, and I dare say even a lot tastier than fast food, but almost as fast.
And you can take it with you and eat in a tram, subway, train, at the airport or where ever you are rushing to

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We will need:
• Meatballs (I used the ones from Ikea)
• One package MyShirataki pasta of your choice
• The ready-made tomato spaghetti sauce (I used from Lidl)
• Grated cheese for garnish
How to:
1. Heat water the boiling kettle (approx. 1 liter)
2. Put the meatballs in a skillet give and saute till browning
3. Rinse MyShirataki pasta under running water, couple of times, to get rid of the brine and put it into bowl
4. Pour boiling water on MyShirataki pasta in bowl and leave at hand
5. Add tomato sauce to the meatballs in a skillet to heat the sauce up
6. Add MyShirataki pasta (after pouring off the excess water) and add to the pan
7. Toss all the ingredients in a pan and transport either to plate or into a transport container
8. Sprinkle with cheese and I eat / hurry

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